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About Medi PR

Our founder and CEO, Nia Medi is a former BBC Wales Journalist, presenter, and newsreader and more recently, Special Adviser to a Welsh Political Leader at The Senedd (Welsh Parliament) who oversaw all their internal and external communications, press and social media.


She is also a National Youth Arts Wales Trustee and Chair of The Sub Comms Committee.  

Starting her career with Tinopolis Television in 2004 as a researcher, assistant producer, and location director, she then moved across to BBC Wales where she presented her own music show on BBC Radio Cymru. During her time with the BBC, she developed and presented her own her current affairs programme aimed at young people, before entering the BBC’s Newsroom as a broadcast journalist and presenter.   


A highly connected and experienced individual with influence, Nia has direct contacts with journalists and producers across all major media outlets in Wales and the UK press where she is highly skilled at negotiating and securing articles, stories, interviews, and press.

With her wealth of experience and knowledge across major sectors including The Arts, journalism, politics, current affairs, music, and light entertainment, setting up her own Public Relations company was the next natural step in her journey.

In 2022, Nia was also Director of Communications for Cardiff International Lesbian Arts and Film Festival (LEZDIFF) where she oversaw all the press, communications, and social media around the festival. Her contacts, influence and experience played a major part in ensuring the festival was a sell-out.

A former Stonewall Cymru Role Model and Pinc Lister, she was proud to be BBC Radio Cymru’s first out lesbian presenter when she started the role in 2009 and recently appeared in Ian H Watkins documentary 'The Pride of Wales. 

Creating and working in inclusive work environments where everybody feels welcomed and safe is at the forefront of everything she does.  

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